How has accessibility been taken into account in your organization?

Riesa Consultative Co is a service design company with a purpose to advance accessibility and equality. Our goal is to bring up the hidden potential of disabled people and to make the world’s biggest minority a visible part of society. For us, accessibility is the foundation of everything.

Riesa staff

In the spring of 2018 Anni and Atso were wondering why accessibility and through it encountering disabled people was so hard for many people. They decided to fix this problem. In the lack of existing channels, they decided to create their own. There was also a need for others, who shared the same passion about accessibility and so Joel and Mika joined the team. That’s how Riesa came about.

Our goal is to create a society, where taking disabled people into consideration isn’t a necessary evil but an opportunity. We train different societal operators to encounter disabled people and to realize the value of these encounters.


For us, problems are possibilities to make creative and new solutions. The revolution of accessibility starts with us.


For us, problems are possibilities to make creative and new solutions. The revolution of accessibility starts with us.


We keep charity in mind in everything we do. Riesa appreciates.


Us, accessibility, straightforwardness ja easiness – a winning combination.

Let's make the world accessible together!

What do we do?

Small efforts can lead to big changes. Accessibility is often overlooked, which is then reflected in services available.

Our trainings

Our accessibility trainings provide necessary tools to observe and improve the activities of service providers from the equality and accessibility point of view. Many shortcomings in physical accessibility can be solved in a cost-effective way through service design methods. Our trainings are always specifically tailored to the customer’s needs and industry.

We produce accessibility plans

Frequently, the accessibility of services and events is organized according to minimum law standards. This isn’t enough to provide comprehensive client experience for the end user of accessibility services. Our accessibility plans will provide genuinely equal service experience for everyone. With our expertise, we can provide you with an easy and effortless way to make sure, that accessibility is fully realized in your services.

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