Riesa conducted an accessibility mapping in AYY’s rentable venues (10 pcs). The mapping clarified the current level of accessibility in those venues and proposed changes to improve accessibility. Also, Riesa created a guideline for AYY to take disabled people into consideration in their events.   

We received a lot of useful and concrete information about the current state of the premises, as well as concrete suggestions to improve accessibility. This information helps us to improve our venues so that we can better address the needs of different types of space users. Information also helps us to communicate better about accessibility both to event organizers and to individual space users. The discussion we had with Riesa will also certainly help us in a situation, where we are designing completely new spaces. I believe that we will surely remember to think about these issues in a timely manner and that we will use experts from outside our organization in a timely manner, when accessibility solutions are easier to take into account and execute.

The service met my expectations very well. I may not have been expecting as clear and concrete suggestions for improvement as what we received in addition to “just” the mapping

The communication and cooperation went very well and the whole process has been very efficient and well managed.

Riitu Nuutinen, Service manager