Riesa conducted an accessibility mapping for the Energia Areena venue at Vantaa, Finland. The mapping clarified the current level of accessibility in the venue and proposed changes to improve accessibility. In addition, Riesa reviewed the customer journey from an accessibility point of view and trained security officers to encounter clients with reduced mobility.

“Riesa’s service gave us an opportunity to see things we wouldn’t be able to see on our own. It also gave us a real opportunity to take disabled people into consideration as one essential customer group and respond to their needs. Through this, we also gained new visibility in social media as the accessibility information spread internationally. We also received positive feedback on our activities and our helped to improve Finland’s image as an organizer of international judo competitions.

As a partner, Riesa is knowledgeable and reliable. Working with them was easy and flexible. Even though schedules were hectic in the organizer’s end and they changed quickly, we were able to arrange necessary meetings at short notice. I felt that as a customer our needs were prioritized. Riesa complied with scheduled appointments and we didn’t have to wait or ask about the same subject repeatedly from our end as event organizers.

The partnership was smooth in every way and added good value to our judo event.”

Antti Hänninen, operating committee
Construction and Security manager

Junior European Judo Championships 2019